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The Falkland's Campaign 1982
Commemorating the 40th Anniversary

Important Information
Please Read

Non-Commercial License for use of Defence Surveyors’ Association (DSA) Falklands Islands commemorative material on the DSA website at:

Images may be downloaded free of charge for the following purposes:

  • Personal use for non-commercial research and private study 

  • Display either electronically or printed  

  • On websites that are primarily information-led, research-oriented and not behind a paywall

  • On personal social media accounts, provided the individuals are not promoting themselves commercially

  • Non-Commercial teaching and instruction

  • Downloading for non-commercial offline viewing

  • Free exhibitions held in venues, which do not charge an entry fee

Provided copyright is to be acknowledged as ‘© Defence Surveyors’ Association’ together with any other individual copyrights mentioned on each poster

The following is NOT permitted:

  • Individual components of the posters may not be used separately except with the permission of DSA and may be subject to the copyright of other organisations, where stated on the posters

  • Images may not be used for commercial purposes

  • Images may not be used on a website behind a paywall


Please address all enquiries to:

To protect copyright of the DSA and others please register an interest in the FI Posters. This will also help the DSA to promote the posters.
FI Poster 01 Intro-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083071.jpg
FI Poster 02 ONC-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083147.jpg
FI Poster 03 DOS 250K-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083224.jpg
FI Poster 04 Series 1501-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651082815.jpg
FI Poster 05 GSGS 5453 REBM-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083319.jpg
FI Poster 06 DOS 453-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083316.jpg
FI Poster 07 Gridded 50K-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083314.jpg
FI Poster 08 G892 Ascension-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651083310.jpg

The DSA thanks the Project Group in creating this informative commemorative display and the Defence Geographic Centre and the Hydrographic Office for the excellent support they received.

The Project Group

Brigadier (Retired) P Wildman OBE RE

Colonel (Retired) M Nolan RE

Brian Garvan, former Head MOD Map Library

Colin Wright, Head MOD Map Library, DGC


FI Poster 09 S Georgia-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651213625.jpg
FI Poster 10 GSGS 5457-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651184217.jpg
FI Poster 11 UKHO Air Photo-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651184215.jpg
FI Poster 12 GSGS 5456 Harriet-Stanley-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651213653.jpg
FI Poster 13 Stanley Aiport-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651184273.jpg
FI Poster 14 Gazetteer-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651183197.jpg
FI Poster 15 DTM-CTV-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651183195.jpg
FI Poster 16 Captured Maps-Final Version 12 April 22-200ppi1651183196.jpg
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