DGI Virtual 2020

Where Allied Nation Geospatial Intelligence Leaders Benchmark Strategies To Improve Collaboration And Achieve Greater Stability Following The Crisis

12 - 13 October, 2020 | 2pm - 5:50pm CEST

Covid-19 is having an Unprecedented Impact on National, Regional, and Global Security. Join this virtual event along with US NGA, Australia’s AGO, UK’s Defence Intelligence, Canada’s Intelligence Group and New Zealand’s Defence Forces to define how to strengthen your collaboration, improve transparency and achieve greater stability.

DGI Virtual will provide you with the lessons learnt from the world’s most influential geospatial intelligence agencies – as they give you an insight into their recent and upcoming global operations following the crisis, and share tips on how to build stronger partnerships.

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The 14th International Conference on Military Geosciences, Charleston South Carolina, U.S.A.

Dates:  June 21 – 25 2021


Conference Theme: Military Geosciences in the 21st Century: Past Lessons and Modern Challenges


Location: The Conference will be held from Monday June 21 through Friday June 25, 2021, on the Campus of the College of Charleston.  The Conference is being organized on behalf of the Desert Research Institute (DRI, Reno, Nevada), the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, College of Charleston, and the International Association for Military Geoscience (IAMG).  Additional information about the broad field of Military Geosciences, past Conferences, and updates in regards to the 14th ICMG can be found at: http://militarygeoscience.org


Themes:  We seek abstracts that link a wide range of military activities within a broad span of geological, geographical, archeological, suitability, historical, and spatial analysis.  Examples include (additional examples can be viewed at http://militarygeoscience.org/about/):   


Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Geospatial Sciences, Geophysics, Climatology, Environmental Science

Cognate disciplines, Warfare and geology, Military response to predictive climate change, 

Beyond warfare: Pandemics to providing vital resources, Terrain Analysis, Historical Geography, Geomorphology,

Land Management, Military tourism, Naval geography, Environmental issues of military activities

Geospatial intelligence, International security: borders to natural resources, Archaeology


Abstracts:  We anticipate submission deadline of March 31, 2021.  A volume of peer-reviewed papers presented at the Conference will be published summer of 2022.


Post-Conference Excursion:  Coastal Geology and Military History: A post-conference tour is being planned for the dates of June 26 through June 29.  The excursion will begin in Charleston, SC and end in Charlotte, NC.  The theme of the tour will be military history and costal environments.


Project 44

The Project 44 team has just released the following to commemorate 75th Anniversary of D Day

Project 44

Project '44 now covers DDay to VEDay! THE ROAD TO LIBERATION - LA ROUTE DE LA LIBÉRATION VE Day Launch We are pleased to announce the launch of Phase 2 of Project ‘44. Our web map now covers 12 months of combat and over 74,000 unit positions.


We are pleased to announce the launch of Phase 2 of Project ‘44. Our web map now covers 12 months of combat and over 74,000 unit positions.

Significant updates have also been made to the User Interface, including a new tutorial, cleaner menus and buttons and new mapping tools.

As we launch Phase 2, our web map will continue to improve over the coming months. New features are already being worked on to continuously improve the experience.

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