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DSA 2024 Seminar focused on D-Day  -  19 September 2024 - Click here for event details

Defence Surveyors' Association


Who We Are

DSA comprises members from the defence, industry, academe and private sectors who have a collective interest

in defence surveying, mapping, charting and geospatial intelligence.  The common thread is the application of

science and art to geographic interpretation for defence purposes.

The aim of the DSA is to promote an understanding and appreciation of defence surveying, mapping, charting

and geospatial intelligence in historical, current and future contexts and to keep past and current members of

that community in touch with one another.

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Objectives of the DSA

The Defence Surveyors' Association, or DSA, is a registered charity whose principal objectives are:

1. Promote the sharing of knowledge of current and past achievements, future development and potential opportunities in the areas of defence surveying, mapping, charting and geospatial intelligence. 

2. Recognise and reward excellence and achievement within the DSA area of interest within the armed forces and related institutions with the awarding of prizes. 

3. Support events to encourage socialising and networking across the defence geographic community. 

4. Support activities to preserve the defence surveying, mapping, charting and geospatial heritage.

Objectives of DSA

What we do







In June each year we host our annual Maps and Surveys Seminar. Throughout the year we hold several mini-seminars at various locations. This past year we have held seminars at the Gurkha Museum in Winchester and the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton.


We produce The Ranger each autumn. The Ranger brings together a balance  of articles between  historical interest and current operational capability.

We also publish an occasional DSA Newsletter to keep members informed of a variety of news items, events, and developments linked to the world of Geospatial Intelligence.

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