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The Regiment That Mapped The World - Alan Gordon

For those interested in military history, survey and mapping and the everyday life of a soldier,

this book offers all of this and more. The book spans from post-war chaos through withdrawal from empire, Middle East turmoil, Northern Ireland’s troubles and cruise missile deployment. From 1948 to 1985, the Regiment surveyed and mapped across the world, the Middle East’s deserts, islands in the Caribbean, Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Himalayas, the Americas, Australia and Europe. It takes mapmaking from hand drawing to GPS and automated cartography. It is as much about the people who served as about the surveying and mapping. The book is A4 size with 240 pages lavishly illustrated with many photographs mainly donated by former Royal Engineer Surveyors.

Description: Litho PUR bound; A4, 236 pages printed 4 colour-process plus a matt laminated cover-240 gsm, 115 gsm silk art text.

map book flyer
Download PDF • 8.86MB

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