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The JFK Assassination - The Real Nightmare On Elm Street

Our latest webinar will be given by Mark Taylor this evening at 18.00hrs. "The JFK Assassination - The Real Nightmare On Elm Street".

This talk will consist of an approx 40min presentation, followed by a 20min Question & Answer (Q&A)


Background to our speaker: After completing a degree in Psychology, Mark Taylor embarked on a career in the film industry working both in front and behind the camera. He joined the Army Reserves in 2014 completing the regular UKIAC in 2016. Since then he has enjoyed postings in Pathfinder, DI, PJHQ and other locations. He is an avid target shooter, competing from the

age of 11 and is a member of his battalions Operational Shooting Team. It is this unique skill set of understanding human behaviour, being an IA and a shooter that has enabled him to analyse the evidence around the JFK assassination to uncover what actually happened!

The presentation will begin prompt at 18.00hrs and will be recorded, so that it can be posted at a later date onto the DSA website -

Attendees are asked to login to Zoom using the invitation hyperlink below at least 5 mins before the start time. The Zoom meeting area will be opened at 17.50hrs.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 759 566 5172

Passcode: DSAWG4

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