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Sad News

Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but old Tom Crompton (Ex Geodesy lecturer at RSMS) passed away a couple of weeks ago.

The funeral will be held at

Evesham crematorium

Thursday 30th September

WR10 2QR at 3pm if anyone would like to attend.

Many may remember him as 'the thorn' in Chris Symonds backside at many a RSMS meeting.

More details available from his close friend Alan Salter 07974 098696

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John Knight
John Knight

Following Tom's funeral yesterday I received the following eulogy from Tom's best friend Alan Salter. TOM Way back in 1973 I suffered my first ever bereavement when my Granny, my Dad’s mother, passed away. My Dad’s business was manufacturing labels and tags and for this he required out workers to put strings into the tags. My Granny had been his most reliable and industrious out worker. He could take her 5 or 10 thousand tags for stringing on a Friday evening and they would be ready for him to collect on Monday morning to deliver to his customer. She loved helping her son and it earned her some valuable pocket money. When she passed away he not only lost his beloved mother but…

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