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Historic Bombing Runs: The Memphis Belle Case

This article by Giancarlo Fiorella, an investigator and trainer for Latin America at Bellingcat, and Annique Mossou sets out to answer the question: Does the 1943 United States War Department documentary called “Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress” actually show a bombing mission over Wilhelmshaven? If so, could they geolocate the footage to determine which parts of the city were bombed in the film? And if the footage is not from Wilhelmshaven, could they geolocate it to its actual location?

The documentary includes combat footage of German fighter interceptions as well as bombing runs on targets. As the movie’s Wikipedia page claims, while this footage is presented as being part of one mission, it was in fact filmed over the course of several missions aboard different aircraft, and edited together for the film.

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