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“Wings Over Stonehenge”

Mr Roger Green will give a talk on Mon 31 May 2021 starting at 18.00hrs. The webinar will consist of a 40min presentation followed by a 20min Question & Answer (Q&A) session.

Mr Roger Green is an ex-RAF Air Traffic Controller who is an amateur aviation historian with an interest in the early pioneering days of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) in the Wiltshire area. A founder member of the Wings Over Stonehenge (WOSH) group, he was recently appointed as manager of the newly created RFC Collection at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection at Old Sarum -

The presentation will begin prompt at 18.00hrs and will be recorded, so that it can be posted at a later date onto the DSA website.

Attendees are asked to login to Zoom using the invitation hyperlink below at least 5mins before the start time. The Zoom meeting area will be opened at 17.50hrs

Attendees are also asked to ensure that they identify themselves with First Name / Surname on their Zoom accounts, so that they can be clearly recognised when participating in the Q&A.

Microphones and Webcams are asked to be switched off for the period of the presentation, with microphones only switched back on when called to ask a question in the Q&A.

Meeting ID: 759 566 5172

Passcode: DSAWG4

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James Prain
James Prain
Jun 06, 2021

This was an excellent presentation - thank you Roger. There is also some contemporary movie shots including this

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