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Our Next DSA Webinar

Join us for our next DSA Webinar on Monday 16th August at 1800hrs. The event will showcase two presentations:

“Using the NSG Open Mapping Enclave (NOME)” by Craig Wing,

(Note: NOME stands for (NSG {National System for GEOINT} Open Mapping Enclave) and is a NGA initiative for US and Allied forces that uses Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) concepts, tools and applications to produce Foundation GEOINT for Defence and Government customers – in short Open Street Map (OSM) for the US Government and its International Partners.)

followed by

“Defence Geographic Centre support to Op NEWCOMBE (UK support to the UN in MALI)” by Daveena Bal and Martin Hayes

The meeting will begin promptly at 18.00hrs and will NOT be recorded.

Attendees are asked to login to Zoom using the invitation hyperlink below at least 5mins before the start time. The Zoom meeting area will be opened at 17.50hrs

Attendees are also asked to ensure that they identify themselves with First Name / Surname on their Zoom accounts, so that they can be clearly recognised when participating in the Q&A.

Microphones and Webcams are asked to be switched off for the period of the presentation, with microphones only switched back on when called to ask a question in the Q&A.

Meeting ID: 759 566 5172 Passcode: DSAWG4

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