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Marine Cartography in the UK Waters

For those who missed last evening's excellent webinar by Mr Andrew Hinton's it is now available online together with his presentation slides on the DSA website under the Publications/Webinars tab. His talk goes through what makes a navigational chart different from a land map, differences between a paper chart and ENC, the dynamic nature of the marine environment around the UK, mobile sea areas, and how the UKHO keeps its users updated and the particular issues it faces when compiling a chart from survey data.

Andrew Hinton joined the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) in 1986, after working as a Surveyor for RACAL Decca. In the 36 years working at the UKHO he has been in charge of a variety of charting regions including SE Asia, the Middle East and latterly as the Geographic and Technical Lead for England’s south and east coasts, a post he held for nearly 20 years before partially retiring in 2021. Since going part time, he has been heavily involved in rescheming the GB Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) coverage in UK waters which is to follow a more gridded system in the future.

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