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John Robert Payne

Some sad news received this morning, John Robert Payne (Bob) passed away on 11 September 2021. Following his military career, Bob served as Training Adjutant at RSMS for many years until he retired in 2000.

I worked closely with him for many years until he retired. He was a great help to me when I started work in Military Survey, not least in understanding the myriad of acronyms and military jargon! Bob was loved by our overseas students many of whom kept in touch with him after the course. He took great pride in collecting them from the airport, settling them into their accommodation, sorting out bank accounts and schools for their children. He was very much the unofficial welfare officer for these students.

Bob had not been very well for many years but he and Barbara were delighted to be able to join us on our visit to the RN AS museum at Yeovilton a couple of years ago.

I think Bob was a winner of the Ramus prize when he retired in 2000 for his service to training within the RE Geo community..

The request from his son Steve is for a note to be pushed out within our community and to inform that the funeral will take place on 12 Oct 21 at 1030 in Aylesbury, but no other details are available as yet.

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