Falklands Islands Seminar

From: Michael Nolan <maptnolan@gmail.com> Sent: 24 May 2020 09:28 To: Roy Wood <roy.wood58@btinternet.com> Subject: List of Possible F.I. Speakers/Subjects

We have had Manterfield and Peaty talk on F.I. in one of the first seminars.

I believe the thrust should be on the Campaign. The map display will largely do for the Geo input, but, the Op Corporate Report and/or John Himbury’s RE Journal article could be souvenir handouts, albeit at some production cost.

Also, of course, John Himbury is still with us, living in Fleet, and should be a VIP guest if not a speaker also.

Mike 24-5-2020.

Topic Speaker Notes

Cdo Bde Julian Thompson ? VIP Keynote speaker? Now 86 years old. Not approached.

R.N. ? Shore bombardment of Pebble Is. might be relevant

Fleet Air Arm ? Harriers & air chart usage

R.A.F. ? Harriers & MMD

R.A.F. Bob Tuxford Pilot on Op Black Buck & long distance Victor refuelling flights

Paras ? ?

Guards ? ?

105mm Field Gunnery ? Chris B-B may find someone.

29 Cdo Holroyd Smith CO 29 Cdo

Hugh McManners ?

Willie McCracken ? Suggestions by Duncan Allen

148 Bty, naval support? Chris Brown A suggestion by Duncan Allen

Rapier Duncan Allen ? Friend of Nash. Successful Rapier Tp commander in 1982.

Army Air Corps Vince O’Shaunnessy Scout pilot living in Newbury. Informal few minutes maybe

UKHO Charts Ken Atherton, ex UKHO chart librarian at the time has agreed to be considered as a speaker, and has provided useful graphics

Int Nick van der Bijl ? MN has contacted Nick, an Int officer in 3 Cdo Bde

D.O.S./F.I.D.S. Frank Preston On the 1960 survey but a most reluctant speaker, now about 82

Dte John Himbury Not yet contacted

Dte Mike Stanbridge? In Svy 2 at the time

MRLG Liz Manterfield Liz might recommend someone still about who was involved.

Liz & Peaty spoke at a DSA seminar on F.I. but a repeat not recommended.

Map Supply Duncan Jacobs? On Ascension

TACIPRINT Simon Farley Or one of the NCO’s

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