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The following is a record of emails between Mike Nolan, Brian Garvan and the ChrisFleet of the National Library of Scotland.

On Mon, 25 May 2020 at 07:09, Michael Nolan <maptnolan@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Chris,

Thank you for that most positive response. As always you personally and NLS,as an institution, are most user-friendly. Due to lock-down probably, I have yet to hear from Nick, and Anne, but I will copy this to all DSA Council members who are next meeting on 9 June by Zoom, and to Brian.

Perhaps the subject can be included in "Any Other Business" on 9 June? If not, at least they are all in the picture for the future.

Can I additionally ask if, via the Map Curators' Group, anything has been done to avoid duplication of effort between the various map libraries or even to co-ordinate individual library programmes so that a rational overall programme can be developed? I am thinking in terms of different libraries addressing different geographical areas perhaps, or, in the case of military maps, different series or different series designations? Best wishes and many thanks. Mike

On Mon, 25 May 2020 at 06:39, Fleet, Christopher <C.Fleet@nls.uk> wrote:


I'm sorry for not replying sooner to your message.

From the perspective of NLS, we'd be entirely happy for any images of our maps to appear on another website like this. In the past, the Library had some restrictions and paperwork on supplying images for use elsewhere, but these are happily a thing of the past.

Your proposal sounds similar to the work John Davies has done for the Charles Close Society, assembling a small set of images of special Ordnance Survey maps at https://www.charlesclosesociety.org/digital. I think for these images, John just used the free version of Zoomify software ( http://www.zoomify.com/free.htm ) and so something like this can easily be done with a little time.

Over the next five years, NLS has quite ambitious plans to scan most of our overseas holdings of series maps, and make these freely available on our website, so it may be that some of these images become available online anyway. But having a special set of DSA images on a dedicated page would be an easier way for members to know where to go to look.

All good wishes,


Chris Fleet Map Curator | Collections and Research Department National Library of Scotland 33 Salisbury Place, Edinburgh EH9 1SL

Tel: 0131 623 4670 Email: c.fleet@nls.uk Website:maps.nls.uk Twitter: @natlibscotmaps

From: Brian Garvan <briangarvan@aol.com> Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 10:36 PM To: maptnolan@gmail.com <maptnolan@gmail.com>; Nick Millea <nick.millea@bodleian.ox.ac.uk>; Fleet, Christopher <C.Fleet@nls.uk> Subject: RE: DSA Virtual Map Library


I have great sympathy for this concept or something even more ambitious. It reminds me of the lost opportunity in Mil Svy over the years to collect comprehensive sets of campaign maps, simply by setting aside two copies of each map – one for TNA and another for a Mil Svy archive. It is the main regret of my time in the libraries that I failed to have the imagination to put this in place. With hindsight, I could just have increased my demand for library copies and set the procedure in place, without waiting for authority on high. I did try this with maps of FI when I was LO (Geo) in HQ UKSC(G) but the collection was destroyed as duplicate to what was alreqdy held in DGC long after I left that post.

So, it seems to me that if scans of relevant (Define = historic or interesting?) maps have been prepared for whatever purpose then it would make sense to hold an archive/record copy for future reference/use. I’ll be happy to contribute further thoughts.

All very bet wishes

Stay well 🌈Brian

Brian Garvan

01628 525045

07813 630721


From: Michael Nolan Sent: 17 May 2020 11:16 To: Brian Garvan; Nick Millea; Fleet, Christopher Subject: DSA Virtual Map Library

Dear Brian, Nick, Chris, I attach a draft of a note on the subject. I doubt it would get far with DSA if submitted but I would like to submit something on these lines when DSA Council next meets. Before doing so, I wonder if you have any ideas on the feasibility of the subject? Best, Mike

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