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DSA Annual Seminar

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The aim of the recent flyer to members was to get a date in members’ diaries. We are still in discussion with the Arlington Arts Centre and once we have tied down a few details we will issue a revised flyer and a registration form. Please bear with us.

The Programme

10.00 hrs Assemble for tea, coffee and biscuits.

10.30 hrs Welcome and Opening Remarks - Chairman DSA.

10.45 hrs Session 1. Defence Geographic Centre Update - Ian Spencer.

11.30 hrs Session 2. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) – RN Speaker (tbc).

12.15 hrs Session 3. DSA Awards and Introduction to displays by Vision Engineering.

12.30 hrs Lunch. (Vegetarian Option and Bar).

14.00 hrs Session 4. Op Jubilee - The Dieppe Raid 19 August 1942 - A Failure in Geoint? – Mike Nolan

14.45 hrs Session 5. D-Day Preparations – Chris Barrington-Brown

15.30 hrs Tea.

16.00 hrs Session 6. The Reserve Geo Contribution to Op TELIC 1 , 2003 – Andrew Craig

16.45 hrs Closing Remarks – Maj Gen (Ret’d) Roy Wood, President DSA.

17.00 hrs Departure.

Cost £30:00 per person

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