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DataIQ 100 awards

Congratulations to Maj George McCrea RE MSc MInstRE FIKE, and Capt Luke Parker RE MSc CEng FInstRE for their recognition in this year's DataIQ 100 awards. Maj McCrea was placed 10th in the top 100 candidates whilst Capt Parker was placed in the top 100. A great achievement for two RE Geo officers; well done.

'The list is DataIQ's pick of the most influential data and analytics practitioners. Since 2014, DataIQ has been tracking the rise of chief data officers, chief analytics officers, data scientists, data governance experts and the leaders of key vendors and service providers. Inclusion in the DataIQ 100 is a notable badge of honour that is widely referenced by the individuals who make the cut.'

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Well done George and Luke. That’s an incredible achievement.


James Prain
James Prain
Mar 11, 2022

Congratulations to George and Luke. A great testament to your both and wider RE(Geo).

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