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Aerial Mapping and its Applications

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

The presentation will be given by Mr David Philpot, on Mon 12 Apr 2021 starting at 18.00hrs and consist of an approx. 55min presentation followed by a 20min Q&A

Mr David Philpot joined Geosense Ltd in 2005 shortly after they purchased their first digital camera system, and helped establish the image processing workflow for their Digital Aerial Photography production program. Geosense merged with Getmapping in 2011, and since then David has worked as a Project Manager for the combined Company, running aerial photography contracts, including the ‘Aerial Photography for Scotland’ programme for the Scottish Government, the Integrated Data Capture programme for Ordnance Survey and an update programme for Defra. During 2019 David managed a project to capture oblique imagery and LiDAR data of the whole of the Netherlands for the Dutch company Cyclomedia. He is currently working on a 4 year project to maintain a full UK imagery layer for the UK Government. With a strong technical background, David is closely involved with all aspects of the flight operations and production processes on the projects he manages.

The presentation will begin prompt at 18.00hrs and will be recorded, so that it can be posted at a later date onto the DSA website.

Attendees are asked to login to Zoom using the invitation hyperlink below at least 5mins before the start time. The Zoom meeting area will be opened at 17.50hrs

Attendees are also asked to ensure that they identify themselves with First Name / Surname on their Zoom accounts, so that they can be clearly recognised when participating in the Q&A.

Microphones and Webcams are asked to be switched off for the period of the presentation, with microphones only switched back on when called to ask a question in the Q&A.

Meeting ID: 759 566 5172 Passcode: DSAWG4

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